Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tiberius Canardius Scriptor Magnus

Yes, soon I shall be able to add another title to my name: writer. The upcoming July 2007 issue of the New Orleans Genesis will carry an article of mine on the royal ancestry of Charles de St.-Etienne de la Tour, Governor of Acadia (d. 1666). Many Louisiana families descend from him, most famously the Mouton family so prominent in Lafayette. They include in their illustrious number the 9th governor of Louisiana, Alexandre Mouton (1804 - 1885).

I will be obtaining several extra copies .

Somewhere I think my father is smiling.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trading a window for a door...

Today is the first birthday I've had without my father. Last night I had a dinner attended by two of my aunts, an uncle, my cousin, my sister, my sister's adoptive parents, and CK. We went to one restaurant that told us they could not fit a party as large as ours together, could not seat incomplete parties, and could not keep holding tables while the rest of our party arrived.

So, CK, observant of the smoldering wrath of my plans in ruins, called Copeland's and we went there. I gave my sister and my cousin copies of Redwood Delta, about the platoon my father served in while stationed in Vietnam. I gave my aunts copies of the report I wrote up on my father's royal line to Emperor Charles II the Bald.

Had my father been alive, I doubt I would have had the visits with my sister and her adoptive parents that I've had since last October. They 've taken me into their family by my being brother of their adoptive daughter.

Friday, March 16, 2007

One idea of Imperio

A quote from Sir Ronald Syme,

"The nobiles by their ambition and their feuds, had not merely destroyed their spurious republic: they had ruined the Roman People. There is something more important than political liberty; and political rights are a means, not an end in themselves. That end is security of life and property: it could not be guaranteed by the constitution of Republican Rome. Worn and broken by civil war and disorder, The Roman people was ready to surrender the ruinous privilege of freedom and submit to strict government as the beginning of time....So order came to Rome. "Acriora ex eo vincula", as Tacitus observes."

(The Roman Revolution, Oxford)