Thursday, September 14, 2006

show me Missouri

I got some mail from the St. Louis Genealogical Society. I had written them before my trip to New York, and I was asking about my great-grandfather, William Matthews, who was born in St. Louis c. 1870 or so [he died in August 1948 in New Orleans, LA, at 78 years of age].
I knew he was married in 1921 -- after his children with Nathalie Tourne Bailey were born and a month after she divorced her first husband, William Bailey -- and that marriage in New Orleans in December 1921 gave his parents as William J. Matthews and Winifred Fitzpatrick.

So I hoped St. Louis records could help.

They replied to me in great detail. Wonderful, thoughtful, service. They found William Matthews and Winifred Fitzpatrick in a marriage record. They married 11 March 1867 in St. Louis, MO. A record of the marriage written by the justice of the peace was sent to me.

Now, I conjecture this son William had a brother Thomas P. Matthews, born c. 1873 in MO, who is listed in 1920 St. Louis census with daughter Winifred. I know that my grandfather William had a daughter Winifred born in 1904 in New Orleans. It is plausible to think this Winifred is a cousin of Thomas's daughter Winifred, born abt. 1909 [she's 11 years old in the 1920 census].

my mother's cousin Ray told me his father, Alcee Clement Matthews, felt there was a line of Blackfoot Indian in the family; also, my mother's brother, Daniel, was often seen wearing Indian headdress. With Winifred Fitzpatrick born in Ireland and dying in Jan 1883 in MO, the Indian is not from her. It may be from her husband....


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Show Me Missouri! You're really reaching the pun limit here, Canardius!


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